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Managing Director
Oliver Ebertowski
Managing Director
The managing partner is Oliver Ebertowski.
He has many years of contacts and experience as managing director of service companies in Germany and Croatia.
With Ebertowski Beteiligung GmbH, he is involved as an investor in various companies and real estate projects in Croatia.
With his many years of experience and his good customer relationships, he laid the essential foundations for the current success of his company.

Managing Director
Franziska Ebertowski
Managing Director
The managing director is Franziska Ebertowski.
With her many years of experience as managing director of the German social media agency Finest Blogger, she is our international network specialist.
As an organization - business administration professional, she is responsible for ensuring that we can provide our customers at Split Consulting with an internationally qualified network and that professional and reliable implementation is guaranteed for all our customer projects.
Jure and Tomo
Site Managers
Jure and Tomo Mišerda
site managers
Jure and Tomo Mišerda, our experts at Split Consulting on building in Croatia. The two have been working in the construction industry for over 18 years and have built up an excellent network over the years. Both work as independent site managers and benefit from their professional partners. Whether it's a stone house, a new construction project or an investment - investment property, we are happy to assist you with your individual building project with our professional service.
Public Translation
Maria Krolo
Public Translation
Marija Krolo supports our team as a state-approved professional interpreter and accompanies our customers to official appointments and visits to authorities. Our customers at Split Consulting benefit from their excellent local contacts and their distinctive local knowledge.

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